Home Decorating Ideas That Last a Lifetime

Home decorating ideas are fun to dream up but not always easy to execute. If you are living in an apartment or rental home, space can be an issue. If your plans are to purchase a home in the near future, you may be hesitant because of the unknown. How much space will your new home have, what style will the home be, and a number of other unknowns?I say don’t wait, if your name is written all over it, make the purchase. Just a little advice, when thinking about interior decorating ideas stay with what you like and don’t follow trends.No matter what your sense of style is today with your home decorating ideas, there is a good chance it will be the same years from now. Whether it’s modern, casual, traditional, or formal. Our likes and dislikes will vary over the years, however it is generally very insignificant. Fashion and trends come and go but style will remain forever.Feel comfortable purchasing your big ticket items that you fall in love with from an exceptional art piece to a piece of furniture. These are pieces that will follow you through the years from home to home.Antique and vintage pieces are a great example, maybe you like the retro style of the 50’s. You can bet whatever style you like today it will be around for years to come. It’s popularity will vary but you can count on your style making the circle more than once in your lifetime.Your home will need updating from time to time. When updating big ticket rooms such as kitchens and baths, be careful when following trends. The trend in today’s kitchens are granite counter tops and stainless steel appliances. It reminds me of the avocado colored appliances, Formica counter tops, and shag carpet in the 70’s. When there is an overload, we grow tired of the look very fast.Subway tile is a vintage look that is back and very popular for kitchens and bathrooms. Even though styles return, it’s a good chance you will grow tired of the trend before wear and tear takes it’s toll or the style makes a full circle again. This is why I say follow your sense of style not today’s trends.Modern style has made a big come back and stores such as IKEA have gained in popularity. However, stores such as Pottery Barn, with it’s more casual traditional style, are hanging strong.Following the style of today for our homes and following the next hair style is a completely different trend. Our hair will grow back in a month. When making purchases for our home we want our pieces of furniture, accessories and art to have a significant meaning. Purchases that will follow us through our life.When purchasing for your home it’s personal. It’s a matter of comfort for you and your family so place the things you love around you. Don’t follow what the trend is today, following your sense of style and you won’t go wrong.